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Hello earthlings!This is my official bloggie. This blog was born on 22 July 2010. All in this blog is Mine. No copycat here. Behave yourself!




Hi alls :D Dah lama jugak tak update blog kan? Haha, okay. Apa comment kauorang dengan template baru Nurin? Coooooooooooooooooooooooool aite? Hahaha, jyeah. That's really cool for me :P kbai. *Full re-edit by myself. I wanna try to make a perfect and awesome blog . Even it's never perfect, who's care aite? :P* kbai.

Lagi seminggu before mid-term bermula. Okay, jom berperang dengan mid-term. Hahaha, tak haram kan-kan? :D